Just making it through

Miles 545.1-566

The moon was so bright all night and it causes a panic that it’s time to wake up and when I check my phone I still have several hours of sleep. I was up bright and early feeling extra motivated by getting into town. Peaks and Rocky were running a bit behind due an air mattress puncture in the middle of the night so I set off on my own.  

First off I had to tackle the 4 mile climb. As I was hiking up I felt so happy I didn’t do this last night. At the top there was a lovely cache of water and fresh fruit. The kindness and generosity of absolute strangers is overwhelming yet so humbling.   To experience such kindness and not know who to thank makes me want to pay it forward even more.  I did enjoyed these wonderful treats before setting off again but this time with my gratitude tank full. 

I all too soon found myself among the wind turbines again. I understand that this region is know for its wind and they are definitely harvesting their resources. However, it’s just the most unnatural object too date in this hike and I had the pleasure of spending over several hundred thousand footsteps with them in 2 days…perhaps an exaggeration but pretty darn close. I tried to find the beauty around me on this dry and mechanized portion of the trail. Thankfully there were some wildflower and Joshua Trees. 

It started to warm up and I was not feeling very Poppy about the trail at this point. I put my head down while chanting ice cream, hot tub, bed to myself and despite sore feet and hot sun, I practically ran the last 8 miles, maintaining just over 3.5 mph pace. I didn’t see another hiker all morning and early afternoon until I made it to the Best Western at 130.  I quickly showered and did laundry/napped while laundry was doing its thing, then set off to get ice cream. I found a small local diner and ordered a wonderful strawberry milkshake then walked back in the opposite direction to Kmart to buy Epsom salts, soda, more ice cream and a top to wear in the hot tub. I sat in the hot tub, then ordered pizza. After it arrived, I fell asleep and woke up several hours later and ate some it. It’s a good thing they have a fridge and microwave to keep and eat the left over pizza. 


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