Snow in the desert 

Mile 498.2-517.6

Thankfully the car campers and their shenanigans remained quiet for the rest of the night. Despite all the craziness and being freaked beyond belief I slept so well. I recall rain hitting the tent and periodic gusts of wind. When I woke it was more than apparent that it had snowed overnight and it was quite cold packing up. Fingering numbing and dumbing cold. I was more than motivated to get myself in to Hikertown where I could dry out my rainfly and wash my muddied rain pants and socks which were only going to get worse throughout the day. 

It is still so crazy that we remain on the edge of the Mojave and yet snow fell. I was up and hiking by 630 and was on a mission to get down as soon as possible. I walked in snow for several miles and it was quite cold.  The trail started to descend. I went through bits of frosted leaves, freezing rain capped leaves that rained on my as it warmed. It was great to be out of the clouds finally and be able to look back and still the weather system still impacting the higher elevation. We weaved in and out of various flowering tree/shrubs, my favorite were the ones that smelled like lilacs. 



All too soon I was low enough and started to get too warm in my rain jacket and pants. If I stopped I quickly got cold so I didn’t stop much and took my one and only break 7.5 miles from Hikertown. I stopped long enough to eat a good snack and drink some water while I talked with a flip/flop thru Hiker 1:11. 

Once I resumed hiking I knew I was definitely back in the desert as the vegetation was drying out and it was just some brown, occasional green shrubbery, wildflowers and loads of cheat grass. The trail follows along a Hunt club and after last night I wasn’t interested in anymore gunfire. Thankfully it wasn’t the season for the club by just barely a few days.  The last mile into Hikertown took FOREVER, as in I checked Halfmile 3 times just to make sure I was moving forward. 

Upon arrival Orion was there along with Confederate, Norm and 2 other hikers who left shortly after I arrived. Scott was barbecuing and threw a burger on for me while I set out to hang my tent to dry. I sat around chitchatting with the gang before deciding to launder my soiled clothing and shower. Because having one burger was not enough, once Optimistic Turtle arrived who arranged a shuttle, the gang all piled into an RV and we were driven to Wee Vill to the most amazing burger place ever.  I enjoyed a plain cheeseburger, chocolate milk and a Sprite. I also purchased hand cream for my burned and dried out hands and face. Note to self handcream is not intended for the face, it burns. I tried to get some of the other hikers to join me tomorrow in attempting a 30 mile day across the LA aqueduct, but unfortunately no takers. 

After returning to Hikertown, Peaks and Rocky had arrived. They opted to sleep in this morning when the realized it snowed. When I asked if they wanted to join me for a 30 mile day tomorrow they both immediately agreed. Yay!!! 


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