Mile 454-468.2

Taking every opportunity the last two and half days at Hiker Heaven to rest, elevate, gently stretch and ice my knee I woke this morning feeling better. I opted to try a practice walk just under a mile into town just and back. I found Sir John and Wookie had buddied up and made it into town and were at a local eatery. It was great to see them again. You never know if you’ll run into a hiker again.  I chatted with them a bit before heading to the store for cold beverages. I found banana milk and couldn’t resist. I must be feeling dehydrated because I grab a soda, OJ, and Gatorade as well. I walked back to Hiker Heaven and felt great. Proactively I iced my knee and started thinking I could head back on the trail later in the evening once it cooled off. As the day progressed I continued to feel great and decided I would resume hiking. Whimsy was wanting to try night hiking and asked if we could do it together as it was her first time and of course I was game. Sir John and Wookie borrowed Sugar Mamas truck and were going to get ice and dropped us along with Snowcat off at the trailhead. 

We started hiking about 545/6pm. I started off slowly testing every step for the first few miles and then suddenly I knew I was feeling great and picked up my speed and continued to feel well. I loved walking in the cool evening air as the sun set. 

Once we made it to the top we needed to don our head torches and snake our way down. Snowcat’s head torch ran out of juice and he had to walk between Whimsy and I until we were able to locate a flat camp spot for him. It was very nerve racking for me because he had to follow so closely and I feared he would slip on a rock or something and cause me to fall. Thankfully it all ended well. During this time I saw my first tarantula.  I’m glad to report that I didn’t fall down a cliff, however,  may have screamed and backpedaled’s quite a bit. The creatures of the night are equally as freaky as those during the day. 

Whimsy and I carried on once he was set up. At first we planned to camp at a site a few miles up ahead but missed it , besides it was too close to the road anyhow. 

The next available was for only one person. Looking at both the Halfmile and Guthooks apps we realized the next campsite was 2.2 miles ahead and I knew I felt well enough to continue on. We arrived just before 11pm. The camp space was very spacious and we both set up camp, had a quick bite to eat and set out to fall asleep underneath the powerline with all its crackling. I thought I would simplify save time and try to use just my foldable pad I use during the day for seated rest breaks. We shall see….


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