A day at Casa De Luna

Mile 468.2-478.2

Well my decision to not use my air mattress was not the wisest, could not find a comfortable position and tossed and turned more than usual. It was also quite warm with the sleeping bag as a blanket and too cold without. My knee felt good when I woke so I was very pleased. 

By 615, I was packed and on the trail drinking carnation instant breakfast and coffee. I must have been moving quickly because the miles flew by and I managed 10 miles by 930.  It was warm, but not as warm as the previous mornings had been. There were pockets of refreshing cold air when the trail switched in areas around seasonal creeks and that made me very happy. The whole area was green and was a nice switch from the last few days. There was ample water so the water carry was minimal, yet another thing that made my day. I arrived at Casa De Luna around 1030. This place is so different than Hiker Heaven. Arriving on Cinco De Mayo was an adventure even early in the morning. I set up my camp space among the Manzanita Forest and chatted a bit before going with a few hikers to the local cafe for burger, fries and a crazy good thick strawberry milkshake. 

Back at the Casa I painted my rock and drew my trail name on the infamous sheet draped over the garage. I enjoyed the typical massive Taco Salad dinner before heading off to bed. Hoping to escape the vortex that this place has in preventing people from leaving, but given that this isn’t my scene I’m suspecting will not be as big deal.   I can say I’m very glad I stopped, Terri Anderson who just had knee surgery was very hospitable and gives the best welcome hugs ever and the fact that she opens her home to all of us stinky hikers is just amazing. Thank you!! 


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