A bit of PNW in SoCal

Miles 478.2-498.2

As strange as it is for me to say it but I slept so well last night!!!  The change? Could have been sheer exhaustion or wearing my earbuds as ear plugs. It started to lightly rain early in the morning, at first it sounded like leaves softly hitting my tent before I realized it was rain. Thankfully I woke up as I remembered I hung some socks to dry outside. Peaks, Rocky and myself secured a ride out at 6 am back the trailhead which mean we escaped the vortex!!!  The Anderson’s are known for hikers staying for extended periods of time. Each morning they make pancakes and hot coffee and by the time they finish new hikers arrive so they stay to chat and find themselves eating yet another taco salad.

Pied Piper joined us for the car ride to the trailhead. We were all walking by 630. It was a cold, windy and wet start to the day and did not let up except a few times when the sun tried very hard to make a special visit.

The trail was a steady uphill with some descents thrown in. I tried to imagine the views beyond and found myself thinking about Scotland, Germany and New England…I’ve only been to 2/3 but hey that’s what an imagination is for anyhow. The mist and low lying clouds that hung over the trail piqued my interest and sometimes seemed as though I was walking in a dream. It’s weird to see all this green and know we are right on the edge of the Mojave!  Just before 230 Peaks, Rocky and myself arrived at Sawmill Campground…a less than stellar area with loads of broken glass, shell casings, and poorly adhered to fire rings. At least they have a pit toilet and trash cans!!

I tried to dry out my rainfly in the wind but ultimately just decided to set up my tent so that I could get out of my wet shoes and socks. Crazy macerated feet. Thankfully my rain jacket, pants and umbrella did a good job keeping the rest of me dry. I tucked inside my tent and donned nearly every dry article of clothing I have to warm up while I cooked an interesting dinner of lemonade  chicken ramen (I flavored all my water prior to leaving this morning oops), Milky Way, string cheese, jerky.  My water filter, gas canister and battery items are all in the sleeping bag to keep them operable as it’s going to get close to freezing tonight, brrr!!

Tomorrow looks like rain again so I am thinking of pushing on to get to hikertown where I can dry out inside. Fingers crossed they have space.

Just popping in again…lying in my tent some car campers arrive. Somebody is  chopping wood and swearing so much so that it sounds as though they are beating somebody up.  I am questioning my desire to stay…it’s too cold to pack up and it’s drizzling again. What do I do??

So it just got worse, they are now shooting a series of different guns at what I’m not sure….wood, people, rattlesnakes?  But it sounds like they are ambushing or murdering people. Seriously freaked out right now. Texting Peaks and Rocky does help and Peaks did call 911, but they couldn’t do anything.

Hooray for rain and hail because they have now stopped. Hoping for a peaceful night.


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