Onward and upward

Elevation profile courtesy of Guthooks

Miles 351.8-369.1

The wind thankfully died down in the night only pick up again this morning. Blessed to see another fantastic sunrise, the iPhone pictures can look very grainy if lighting is wonky but I think the pictures will do. Memories are more grandiose anyways. 

We still had to complete the remaining climb, holy crazy wind though. It was intense, rarely let up and several times had to stop and brace myself so that I didn’t fall off the cliff side part of the trail. The trail snakes in and out along the hillside, cresting and joining the next hill until finally we get to the top. A major portion of the climb goes through yet another burn from a fire last year that the locals say grew tremendously fast burning part of the McDonalds we ate at yesterday. The wind blew ash and other carcinogens around…I must have looked a sight when I got into town. Then the trail enters a high desert forest very reminiscent of Spokane in looks and smell and the familiar crunch of pine needles. These provided nice wind breaks. The descent down to the trailhead (Inspiration Point) was a bit rough…so many rocks. But I made it in good time. Getting a ride into town was a bit of fun…it’s a popular trailhead but I’m guessing that’s on a weekend not on a Thursday afternoon. I hadn’t seen a car going into Wrightwood for nearly 30 minutes and there was no cell reception to hire a ride. Fortunately 2 guys out going for a ride in the opposite direction turned around. It just happens one of them was talking about his desire to do the PCT and they we were. Trail magic yet again. They kindly drove us into town. I checked into Cedar Lodge and got more room than I bargained for and well worth the $89 price tag. I met up with fellow hiker for Taco night at the Evergreen Cafe then returned to handwash my clothes, air out gear and shower. Then spent the night with my feet elevated watching the Golden Girls. Somethings never change. 

Update on feet…Throughout the day I’m very purposeful in taking breaks, switching out socks…call it PTSD or being obsessed but so far so good except for just being tired. My new trail friend, Sir John, is following my break schedule so it’s nice to have a bit of company where as a few days ago it felt very isolating. 


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