I’m lovin’ it

Courtesy of Guthooks

Miles 313.4-332.4

Oh man I slept horribly, I mean really horribly. I’m not sure if it was the miles I did yesterday or what but my legs were very restless. I would find a comfortable position and only minutes later become squirmy. I’m sure my fellow campers heard all the commotion as sleeping bags and air mattresses are not quiet in the slightest. 

I was up per my usual 530 wake up time but found I was moving rather slowly. There was a creek crossing almost immediately and the depth of the water was up to my nether regions.  I walked most of the morning and early afternoon more or less with Sir John and Country Gold. Within a few miles I passed a big and little cross with only Toby part of the name left on it. The trail snaked along the mountain side for approximately 9 1/2 miles where we stopped to take a morning break on the side of a paved road. When I checked the Halfmile App the distance from where we camped to where we took our morning break was only 2.38 miles as the crow flies. We continue to inch our way toward Mt. Baden Powell and should  be there in 3-4 days.  This portion of the trail went through a fire, life is growing again around the spindly charred trees. A good life lessons are in this trail. 

The trail then passes through some less scenic areas but shortly after we find trail magic…water and strawberries for me. 

After hiking 15.5 miles we made it to my destination point at Cleghorn campground, but the fee to camp dissuaded some. Since they were going I didn’t want to camp there alone so I packed up 2 liters of water in preparation for dry camping. Feeling good after the break I opted to push on.  After climbing 4 miles uphill I found a perfectly situated campsite where I could enjoy the sun setting. I am happy!

Tomorrow we will be stopping by McDonalds at Cajon Pass…it’s practically on trail and is a right of passage in away for thru hikers.  After these hot days I’m looking so forward to an ice beverage. 


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