Town Day

Woke this morning knowing we had only 6 miles to get into Red’s Meadow. What this meant was something other than trail food for breakfast, a shower and laundry. Do you know how bad one stinks after 10 days of hiking and no shower?? 

Direction of travel right to left

The walk in was an easy and steady downhill trek, dusty and beach sandy. Our packs were light because we nearly ate the food we packed at MTR.  We pass through an area that has been burned and also hit by severe windstorms in 2011.  

One of things I’ve noticed about this area is they do not have alpine blueberries or huckleberries for picking. But I did find these guys but given my poor foraging abilities I chose not to pick and eat. 

Once at Red’s, we both made a bee line to the cafe. For me it was pancakes, eggs and sausage. It was good, even if the cakes were bisquicky. We then went about doing town chores of cleaning ourselves and clothing as well resupplying. Boy how I’ve missed a hot shower…I paid for a 10 minute shower…would have done 20 but that seemed absurd to the cashier.  

We then hopped the bus to go in to Mammoth. Mammoth is a cute town…similar to most off season ski towns. We did some more resupplying, ate at Mammoth Brewery (burger was great, fries so so) and then took the bus back into Red’s so that we could catch the trail where we got off.  

We pushed on 4 more miles with heavier packs before setting up camp. I positioned my tent so that my feet were elevated as my feet were suprusing sore. Can’t believe in 3 days we will be done. 


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