Silver pass 

Campsite near mile 85.5 elevation 8898 to Deer Creek campsite near mile 65 elevation 9111

Direction of travel right to left

We woke early, everybody was still snoring in their tents. It felt warm and we are heading uphill…it’s going to another hot day.  Little did I know it would feel like we would be climbing on a stairclimber. 

I was feeling good this morning climbing up to Silver Lake, right behind Luke…sort of. It was so beautiful and I kept taking pictures. 

We arrive to Silver lake, less than stunning and I don’t even take a picture. Man I have become snobbish with my alpine lakes.  Going over Silver pass I’m feeling like something is holding me back. I think I’m just bonking so I eating some fruit chews. Once over the pass I begin to realize I was saying goodbye to the high Sierra and I’m feeling sad…crazy…they beat me up but every step was worth it. We hike down to the next water source enjoy a snack with a microscopic chipmunk. 

The trail again heads uphill, not like we have grown accustomed to but it feels unrelenting just the same. It’s gotten so hot out and I am very grateful to soak my feet in Lake Virginia and for the shade of my umbrella. 

The trail heads up a bit then down, nature’s roller coaster.  Hiker’s on the way up are telling me how beautiful Purple Lake is…I look forward to it. When I arrive, I am disappointed. Yes it is water, but it’s nothing like those lakes early on. I’m starting feel like the most beautiful sections of trail are behind me…and we still have nearly 70 miles to go. 

Clouds again start developing in the late afternoon and it starts to rain, sun umbrella shows its versatility offering protection. The trail now is soft sand heading up and the down  about 500 ft over 2 miles. Makes for slow going especially with a blister on the ball of the foot.  I find Luke under a tree eating dinner. We wait out the brief “storm” eating and wondering. I want to move on to make an easy go into Red’s Meadow for our resupply and a true breakfast. We decide to make a go and the weather improves, yay!!! 

By pushing on, we had to commit to 5 miles as this was a dry stretch and neither of us wanted to carry the extra water to dry camp. By the time we make it to camp, I am tired and sore. Hopefully this is the perfect recipe for sleep!


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