Seldon Pass

Sallie Keyes Lake elevation 10298 to campsite near mono creek mile 85.5 elevation 8898

Direction of travel right to left

After a long and grueling day yesterday I thought I would at least get a decent night sleep. Instead I tossed and flipped and turned.  

We had a casual start to the morning, I think we were hiking by 7. My legs were gassed from yesterday and breakfast hadn’t yet kicked in so I felt like I was climbing Whitney again. 

Once over the Seldon Pass, it was a leisurely stroll down to Marie Lake for second breakfast. 

Shortly after resuming hiking, I rolled my ankle and had some lingering discomfort for the next mile. My gait pattern had shifted as a result and I don’t know if it was that or hotter days and the sandy trail leading to MTR followed by the insane uphill, but regardless I got my first blister on the ball of my foot. I redressed it and hoped it would provide some cushion. I can’t help but feel disappointed…I guess I’m just one of those people who will get blisters regardless of what I do. 

We then had to head back uphill in the blazing heat…my umbrella and fresh creek soaked shirt made it bearable until midway up…there was a large bachelor party group with poor trail manners and a pack train coming down.  It made my slow going even slower. Luke is toying with the idea of stopping in at VVR (small resort) for a burger and beer, even he is becoming tired I think, phew!  I’m keen to wait and push on in order to get to Red’s Meadow, our planned resupply location. The next stretch is downhill and is dry and hot. I have to stop to retape the blister as it has since popped and the dressing is slipping. 

A couple miles later we take a brief snack break…I share my tortillas as I know I am carrying too much food again. A few miles later we cross a creek. Luke is starving so we break for dinner…I eat a snack. Luke and I’s relationship has entered a new level (brother sisterly) by this time when he tells me maybe I should was my face. I take a selfie and see how dirty it has become. I ask him how long he has wanted to tell me, he replies a couple days. You see it’s not just my face, it’s everything. The below pictures are reality of the trail…it is just so dry and dusty. I wash my feet, legs and hands…somehow the face was forgotten. 

I’m guessing Luke needs alone time when he sends me on to find a campsite. About a mile up there is space for two tents near water but they are so slanted I know neither of us will sleep. I push on another mile and find a great dry camping site (no water) but that’s a no go as neither of us had a drop of extra water. We then find a site about another half mile up near water. We pick it, but where I set up my tent is on a rock slab and have to “stake” the tent down with large rocks and am quite pleased with myself. I spend extra time tonight washing not only my hands, feet and legs but my face. 


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