You’ve got to be kidding me

Evolution Lake elevation 10874 ft to Sallie Keyes Lake elevation 10298

Direction of travel right to left

Left Evolution lake early at 430 to beat the afternoon heat down down down to MTR for our resupply. Made great time along the way down. Leap frogged with pair of NOBO JMT hikers as well as PCT section hikers from the states and Germany  (they are doing California and Oregon). I say skip Oregon and do Washington. 

The moon lit our path this morning. 
Today we forded Evolution creek, just below knee deep.  The current wasn’t bad and only felt it when I advanced my trekking poles. The water was COLD and I can only imagine what PCT hikers feel like when the water is thigh high and frigid in June. 

Arrived to MTR in no time. Opened our resupply bucket and am trying to figure out how dirt got in the bucket until I realize my carnation instant breakfasts exploded…chocolate powder was all over everything.  Sorry Luke 😩. I was really glad I packed special treats (jerky and mint Milano cookies) in my resupply they were very yummy.  I gave away my power bars to Luke…just can eat them. I’m liking my morning carnation instant breakfast, bobo oat bars, insta-dinners, fruit chews and snickers. But I am nowhere near eating enough and I can feel it energy wise sometimes. When I make myself eat the food just becomes paste in my mouth…never have this problem in my day to day life. And it’s not the altitude either as the same problem occurred on my PCT section hike last year. 

For his first ever resupply, Luke was very efficient while I was still trying to organize my bear cannister and charge electronics. 

Luke had some ridiculously crazy idea to hike back out and up to Sallie Keyes Lake for total of 20 miles today (more than 4 miles uphill in the heat…I don’t like heat). I, of course told him I could not promise anything more than 2 miles. Well the 1/2 mile climb out of MTR was just enough to push me over the edge. I may have lost it with bee who wouldn’t let me be. The next 2 miles we nearly gained 2000 feet. My finest moments were not had then…it was all mental challenges and that was bugging me which only made it all worse. We finally crested and came to a creek where we had dinner before deciding what to do. Ultimately we pushed on and I am so glad we did as we almost had the lake to ourselves. As I was washing my feet, you could hear very close coyotes howling…these are the moments that make all the hard work worth it in the end. ​



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