Mather pass and a less than golden staircase

Campsite at mile 159.7 elevation 11277 ft to campsite at mile 140.4 elevation 8035

Direction of travel right to left

Today I am trying to see if we can push the miles…it’s all downhill. 

It was beautiful leaving camp. The views are stunning. 

The trail heading up to Mather Pass was a beautiful well graded trail. As I got within a mile of the pass, it just looked like one massive rock fall. Where was the trail that was going to take me up and over this thing??  I psyched  myself out for a bit and opted to sit down, breath and watch others descend and ascend. Once I finally set out I realized it wasn’t bad going up. 

The other side however was horribly rocky…ankle destroying rocky (I’m sad I didn’t think to snap a picture of it, the only one I did get was mildly rocky). It was also on the windy side and couldn’t take comfort in the shading of my umbrella. We reached a section of trail that was wonderful and I thought to myself it was going to be smooth sailing. Well there is this thing called the golden staircase snd it not only slowed me but also speedy mcspeedy Luke down. So many adjectives are far more appropriate and all I could say was glad I was going down and not up.  It just went on forever. 

We stopped at a campsite for dinner before pushing onward. While there we talked with a nice couple.  They were heading up the beast we just descended. We wished them luck and pushed on hoping for camp nearly 6 miles down trail which would make it 20 miles. On the way we passed a work crew campsite and pack train they are doing work on the Golden Staircase. 

We stopped early at 19.5 but I am good with that. 

I’m left asking myself tonight why the rocks????  Not the natural in the ground kind but the GMO sized gravel rocks purposely placed on the trail. 


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