Rae Lakes elevation 10556 ft to campsite at 159.7 elevation 11277 ft

Direction of travel right to left

Slept well for me. Rae Lakes was beautiful this morning. Took our time leaving camp but still were the early birds on the trail. 

Felt great today…hiker legs have adjusted and finally feeling acclimated to the altitude. Strange cough, coughing sputum. I question pulmonary edema though my breathing is not atypical or difficult. Ran into a pulmonolgist who was not giving me professional rather back country advice…said not to worry about it and I settled on allergies…the trail is very dusty and covered in horse everything which I am very allergic to. 

The morning was spent dropping 2000 ft of elevation only to regain it again in the afternoon when the Sierra death rays as Luke lovingly calls them are at their strongest. I would like to stress it was a HOT day…which made for tough going midday…Umbrella is such a relief and is commented on quite frequently and again had my picture taken because of it. You would think this was a new idea. 

As we descend, the trees become more interesting and Luke’s pace slows…finally. He is loving the large Juniper trees. Beautiful yes, but they smell kind of like pee to me. This part of the trail  also crosses over a large and shall I say the raging Woods Creek. You have to cross this creek using a dilapidated suspension bridge. This trail just continues to challenge my fear of heights. 

I’m liking this pass much better than Glen yesterday. It’s approach while still steep is kinder, sections of steep followed by brief bits of flat for active rest breaks. Nearing top of Pinchot around 530, several hikers eyed me then informed me that I should find a campsite soon…not exactly certain what they were implying but given the up/down eyeing I can only guess they assumed I would not make it over in time due to my size. I rudely replied well I summited Glenn yesterday at this time after summiting Forrester that morning…so there! 

We settled into camp just after the pass near water and I am feeling good. Feet are still happy. 



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