Glenn I don’t like you

Campsite just below Forester Pass Elevation 12437 ft to Rae Lakes elevation 10556 ft

Direction of travel right to left

Today I was going to conquer another fear…Forester Pass. In all my research of the PCT over the last several years, this pass has had me worried. I knew it wouldn’t have snow…or anything to cause me worry, but all the videos show a narrow path and a steep Avalanche shoot. Anxiety was definitely building. My fear of heights being tested again just days after completing Whitney. 

I was slow going…I’m starting to realize summiting these passes are like doing box step ups over and over and over again. I’m strangely thankful for the Farm Girl Fit workouts prior to starting. 

Here is a little video of the path that worried me the most…it wasn’t all that bad…would have been horrid had there been snow 😖.

Going down from the pass was 9 miles of switchbacks and all I kept saying was glad I don’t have to go up this. One the way down, I rolled each ankle once…the left one cause me to fall and my hand landed in fresh horse poop…gag worthy pitty party while I cleaned myself up. 

My sun umbrella is becoming a topic of conversation. The umbrella is working out really well in the late morning and afternoons to provide shade when none is to be had at this elevation. Many people also ask about my Delorme Satellite emergency beacon as well as my pack and its weight as it is smaller/lighter than what they are carrying. Took me several years to save for and lower my pack weight but I am happy with it, still some room to drop its weight but that will cost oodles.  

Luke is wanting to push on, if we stop below Glen Pass we will have only done about 10 miles, I see his point, but two passes in one day and the second in the heat…I secretly, perhaps openly, think he is trying to kill me. He says he will go ahead and find a campsite at Rae Lakes. Reluctantly I agree. 

Sorry grandma for swearing, but Glen is a bastard. I hated every minute of it, both going up and down. The approach felt steep, it was miserably hot and the end never seemed to come. Several of the southbound hikers were so encouraging and somehow I found the strength inside me to continue on up and over. 

As I approached Rae Lakes, I couldn’t find Luke…I was getting to the point where I just knew I was going to cry and was rapidly deciding to set up camp right where I was standing (on the wrong trail mind you). Thankfully Luke spotted me coming down and found me.  I was so tired, so done and so not in a place to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  I set up camp and eat dinner as darkness arrives. Hoping for a better day and a less defeated spirit tomorrow. 


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