The night before Forester

Crabtree ranger elevation 10708 ft to camp at mile 190.5 elevation 12, 437 ft

Direction of travel right to left
Slept so great after the long day yesterday, a reward of working hard I suppose. After a leisurely morning around camp I set off. Luke usually catches up and passes me by before our planned meeting site but today I was already soaking my feet in a freezing stream and downed a snickers before he arrived. 

Luke sets off ahead of me to our planned campsite and I told him I was going to take my time as it was all uphill and I knew I was to take some time at Bighorn Meadow…so beautiful. But as it was HOT I didn’t linger to long. 

When I arrived at the campsite Luke was nowhere to be found. I waited a bit. Scanned all the campsites and across the creek but again no Luke. Starting to get a bit worried as I know I hadn’t passed him, I was about to send a group of hikers on the look out as they made it to their next campsite when he arrived, phew! 

We  relaxed in the creek and since we still had lots of daylight left. Luke threw out the option of hiking just under three miles and I was game for it. But the climb up 1500 ft in the blazing heat (sun umbrella helping my head) was brutal and despite sunscreen the back of my legs fried. My umbrella was the topic of conversation the entire way up, stranger even asked to take my picture. 

We have a perfectly situated campsite all to ourselves near 2 alpine lakes and a view of Forrester…just 1.25 miles to summit the pass. 


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