A glimpse of tomorrow

Rock Creek campsite elevation 9528 ft to Crabtree Meadows elevation 10336 ft, highest Elevation 10916, 5.9 miles hiked

Camp was a bit loud last night, but I did manage to get in chunks of 1 1/2 to 2 hr bursts thanks to the white noise of a nearby stream. 

Morning camp chores went a bit more smoothly. My pack is still heavy…sadly I didn’t develop new strength overnight to manage it better.  Today is going to be a short and sassy day. 5.85 miles to Crabtree Meadows where we plan to camp. Tomorrow will be a big day of summiting Mt. Whitney. 

The hike was straight up hill, netting just under 1000ft of elevation in the first mile, who needs coffe to wake up?  I was feeling good and doing alright with the altitute today, yay!  I did bonk in terms of energy and need remember to refuel even if not hungry. 

Once at camp, I busied myself with camp chores, rinsing out dusty socks and such, reorganizing my bear cannister and just being in awe of jagged granite California mountains…and tomorrow I actually get to step foot on them finally!! Of course I chatted with the other hikers, most are doing a loop while 2 other sets are completing the JMT. Luke on the other hand went for a day hike…silly energetic guy. 

We are set for a 3 am start. Hoping for a sunrise summit but realistically the sun will have already risen at the pacing I am hiking.  Fortunately we are only carrying up the essentials and leaving tent, bear cannister, stove and such in a bear bin…no ridiculously heavy pack for the bulk of tomorrow. 

Side note…it sure is windy in evenings. 


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