Starting the JMT

Horseshoe Meadow elevation 9940 ft to Rock creek camp site elevation 9518 ft max elevation 11516 ft, approx 14 1/2 miles hiked

Wow, last night was brutal. Slept horribly given the events yesterday.  We decided to start the trail a day early and hike into Rock Creek just to get away from the fire. Although nearly “out” we didn’t want to risk it. 

This whole carrying a bear cannister bit is awkward for me. It has changed how I go about packing up in the morning and that has me unsettled. We are taking 9 days now to hike from Horseshoe Meadow to Muir Trail Ranch. Right now I have 8 days of food in the cannister and the ninth day scattered in pockets.  What I’m trying to say is my pack is heavy and stuffed full. 

This morning was cold, ~36 degrees. The hike up and out to Rock creek was well graded but wicked sandy and in places so rocky. Actually most of the trail was sandy and rocky which made it more challenging to walk in with a ridiculously heavy pack. I started feeling the altitude around 11,000 feet and needed frequent micro-breaks, I’m still holding on taking Diamox as everything resolves with these breaks. 

So far my feet are good and I am hopeful that i finally found the correct shoe and sock combo for my feet. 

Here are some views from the day. 


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