Practicing what I teach

First off I must report I slept so well last night…thank you mountain air!  I hope this is a indication of how well I’ll sleep on the trail. Historically I sleep poorly while backpacking…every little sound and my imagination do not work well together. 

I made my way dark and early to a viewpoint to watch the sun rise behind half dome. It was beautiful but man I’m missing my camera. The iPhone just doesn’t cut it. At least I have the memories, eh?  

We then made our way to Happy Isle trailhead where triple checking of gear and necessities were the priorities for the morning before locking up the car and setting out to meet some fellow Spokane Mountaineers who are hiking south and we are driving their truck to Lone Pine before we set off at Horseshoe Meadow as we are hiking north. 

We drove to Bishop where we are staying overnight with a friend and colleague of Luke’s.  We were treated to a fabulous dinner, a comfy place to sleep and thought provoking and at times challenging conversation. I’m sure they found my middle of the road, there is a way to make everybody happy, Utopian  thought process frustrating. And I cannot forget about Zarty, their black lab, has to be the most mellow lab EVER and was so sweet.  

As they showed us their home I started a mental list of  house and yard projects I would someday like to try. Their kitchen garden was ridiculous and I was very envious.  

Eric is quite the baker and treated us to homemade pizza. My picky palate was definitely on guard as he started adding caramelized onions and chopped Kalamata olives into the homemade sauce. Thankfully his knife skills are very refined allowing these noxious to me ingredients to be well incorporated. I believe I ate 4 or 5 slices and only picked off the ham. Yes…I too have to practice what I teach. 

I’m going to sleep anxious, nervous and excited. We are driving to Lone Pine tomorrow and then Eric will drop us off at Horseshoe Meadow. 


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