Buckhorn to Yosemite

I am so over driving…

Buckhorn campground was beautiful last night and I hoped for a beautiful sunrise. While it was pretty, I mean its the sun rising and all but the colors were not as intense. The resident mother deer and her fawns made their rounds and I enjoyed watching them as the sun rose.

We still had several hours to go before arriving to Yosemite and decided to go early before it got to warm.  Still playing it by ear, we were unsure where we were going to camp.  Many of the campgrounds were closed due to the recent fires outside the park. We opted to head into the park hoping for last minute camping or wilderness permit cancellations and lucked out (3 left). 

After settling in and getting reprimanded by park rangers for having left my soda on the hood of the car while donning my hiking shoes we set off to get a day hike in.  Let me just say oh my lanta the sequoias are crazy huge. My mind, until now, has been unable to conceptualuze their size. My pictures don’t do them justice. Oh did I mention I left my camera at home…who goes off on an adventure into the Sierra and leaves their camera at home. Lets hope my iPhone will suffice.  

Opting to not have backpacker food for dinner we drove into Yosemite village to get some real food. Wrong decision…traffic was ridiculous and the food was just meh. But I did get a glimpse of valley.  At first I was unimpressed as we approached what I thought was the valley…

but then drove around the bend a few more miles and half dome slapped me squarely in the face. STUNNING! 

Am hoping to catch a sunrise tomorrow at the view point before meeting to complete the car exchange.  

Ended the night chatting over campfire with a lovely couple (Tomas from Spain and Anya from Slovenia) who are camped by us. They were married two weeks ago and are honeymooning in the states. 

I’m tucked away now in the car hoping to get a good nights sleep.  


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