The climb part 2

Trail Angel Mike’s mile ~126 to 143.9

I slept fairly well last night, actually when the generator switched on I almost immediately fell asleep. I intentionally woke late knowing I had two days to hike from trail angel Mikes to Paradise cafe…but I had to stick around…there pancakes!! I packed up and left around 830.  I am carrying too much food at least 3-4 days worth thanks to an unexpected dinner and breakfast at Mike’s and just not being hungry…I have to force myself to eat which I guess is common with first time long distance hikers. Leaving Mike’s was a gradual uphill with great views followed by a steady downhill into the next water source.  I started using my handy dandy sun umbrella almost immediately which has been a life and skin saver for me.  …looking back at trail angel Mike’s place   …ah the views 

 …the Bills  

A group gathered under the shade of a big tree…Ashley, FIL, Costco, Stella, Alison, the Bills, Daytripper and new hiker to me Julian who is from Montreal with a perfect accent and adorable to boot!  He and Daytripper have both hiked the Appalacian Trail.  After treating the water I set off to hike again. Since this was the last reliable water source and I was dry camping tonight I chose to carry 5L’s of water and I was feeling the added weight.  The grading on the trail from about mile 139 to 143 were steep and I was slogging my way up out of the canyon. 

…a horny toad  
I camped at mile 143.9 among large boulders with a sandy surface. I thought this was a perfect campsite to break wind…no not fart…since it is so windy when camping up high.  Since this was the first time I had cell service  I made a quick phone call home, posted to Facebook and then Stella arrived—brave girl is bivy camping….I really like my my fully enclosed stand alone tent. I made dinner of peanut butter, tortilla and BBQ chips and a payday for dessert and hit the hay.  …tonight’s sunset 


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