Sunrise to Julian

Mile 61.7 to 77.1

I slept okay last night…still tossing and turning. I woke with an alarm clock this morning…I am on a mission to try to get out more miles in the cooler mornings and try to take a midday break during the heat of the day.  I woke at 515 and was packed up with breakfast in hand and ready to start the trail by 6…hooray!  

Perk #1 of an early start…SUNRISES…I don’t know how many pictures one can take of a sunrise but as I walked the view was more beautiful.    

       I walked along for about 45 minutes when I ran across Cindy at her campsite.  We chatted for a bit and then I moved along. I made it the next water supply where I delayered, changed socks, had a snack and filtered water before moving on. By 10 am I had already walked 9 1/2 miles. 

The trail was a combination of ups and downs and the terrain was constantly changing (except the last 2 1/2 miles). I really enjoyed this part of the trail as plant life was changing and piqued my attention for most of the day.

                     Shade became nonexistent around late morning and I didn’t want to push on to Julian without taking a break. After decending into a canyon I found a great grouping of boulders to sit upon and used my sun umbrella to make shade. 


 After refueling and tending to my blisters I set off for Julian.  Little did I know how brutal those last few miles would be.  But the promise of free pie at Mom’s Pies kept me going.  I made it into Julian safely, dropped off my pack in my room and set out to explore the town. I bought some band aids and Mac and cheese for dinner tomorrow…so far I’m not in to the knorr pasta sides…not sure if it’s limited hunger or not liking them. I got my free pie with a side of ice cream and lemonade…so refreshing! 


I also purchased a burger and fries at a local shop…small world, the waitress’ sister lives in Spokane. Upon returning to Julian Lodge I quickly found hikers Eva, Jarrod, Bri, Kellan and Alison had all arrived. But since there was no onsite laundry and my town clothes were in my Warner Springs resupply I was bound to room once I showered and hand washed my hiking clothes…so no socializing for me. But the shower, foot soaks and clean clothes were worth it. 


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